Video chat that doesn't feel like work.

Rume allows you to play games and have multiple conversations in one space, just like in person.


Break off into conversations

Just click on someone's face to pull them aside and start talking. Only people in your conversation can hear you, but you can still see the whole group.

Run the show onstage

On stage, everyone can hear you, but you can only hear the others on stage. Use it to make an announcement, host a trivia night, or teach a cooking class.

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 6.21.47 PM.png

Play games

Play Poker, Codenames, and Settlers of Catan on Rume. Stop switching between tabs and keep your friends front and center.

Collaborate, study, and brainstorm

The shared whiteboard allows you to visualize thoughts & concepts, write down ideas, explain & teach, and play!


Be the first to know about new features

We might even allow you to reserve custom names soon...who's to say?