Rume How-Tos: Virtual Speed Dating 

Rume How-Tos: Virtual Speed Dating 

Speed dating is awkward enough, and Zoom’s Russian Roulette breakout feature does not make the experience any better. We hosted some speed dating rounds with a group of people that had never met before, and it went so well we couldn't get people to stop talking! Here is how we did it: 

Before the call

  1. Create a Rume via 

  2. Share the link with your invitees 

  3. Come up with a list of questions or topics for speed dating. Here are some that we love

    1. What is your claim to fame? 

    2. What are three things you can’t live without? 

    3. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life? 

    4. What are your favorite music genres?

During the call 

  1. Once everyone has arrived, introduce the activity 

  2. As the host, you will call on someone, and they will click on the face of someone else in the call 

  3. Keep calling on people until everyone has a partner 

  4. Once everyone is in a side conversation, take the stage, ask the first question, and start the timer. *if you are participating and have a partner, make sure to leave the stage after you have completed this announcement*

  5. Once the time is up, ask everyone to join the stage

  6. Repeat steps 5-8 again, asking each person to click on a different face for each round 

The beauty of using Rume is in seeing everyone in the call laughing and chatting while having your private conversation with your partner–just like in person!