Rume How-Tos: Virtual Watch Party

Rume How-Tos: Virtual Watch Party

On January 1st Ohio State upset Clemson in the Sugar Bowl, and Alabama beat Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl. Now the Ohio Buckeyes are set to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide on Monday, January 11th. Sadly, most of the teams’ adoring fans will not be able to watch this historic rematch in person. If you happen to fall into this category, see how to host a virtual Alabama vs. Ohio State watch party!

  1. Create a Rume link via

  2. Share the link with friends, family, and fellow fans

  3. Pull up the game on a chrome tab 

  4. Click share screen 

  5. Choose the chrome tab you would like to share and check share audio in the bottom left hand of the pop-up

  6. Click the blue share button on the bottom right 

  7. Now watch, react, critique, cheer (and maybe cry) with friends and family 

Take a screenshot of your watch party and tag @rumevideo. Let’s see whose fans really show out!